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Laugavegur 62

+354 551 4100

Probably the worlds smallest watch manufacturer. The first and only watch manufacturer in Iceland. All timepieces are designed and assembled by hand in our studio/workshop located in Iceland. In our production we only incorporate high quality Swiss movements, European made parts and components. Every detail of our timepieces has been given the personal attention needed for perfection. The low volume of production gives every timepiece a personal character and a feeling exclusivity.

Inside JS Watch co. Reykjavik Workshop

The founders of JS Watch co. Reykjavik: Sigurdur Gilbertsson Watchmaker and Technical-Director, Julius Heidarsson Director of Development, Grimkell Sigurthorsson Design and Marketing Director and Gilbert O. Gudjonsson Master Watchmaker can be found at the owner operated workshop, store and design studio at Laugavegur 62, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland.


Creating the Vínland GMT

Sigurdur Gilbertsson

After 3 years in design & development we were finally able to start the final stages of our work this summer, the assembly and testing of the first batch of Vínland GMT timepieces. So for the past few months our Watchmakers have been busy creating the new Vínland GMT Collection in our Reykjavik workshop before the official launch last week to make sure everything was ready in time.

Therefore September 19th 2019 is a very special day for us, since then all the hard work over the last 3 years was finally primed and the new Vínland was set free to meet the world ! :)

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Watchmaker, Sigurdur Gilbertsson, working on the Vínland GMT Collection.