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Probably the worlds smallest watch manufacturer. The first and only watch manufacturer in Iceland. All timepieces are designed and assembled by hand in our studio/workshop located in Iceland. In our production we only incorporate high quality Swiss movements, European made parts and components. Every detail of our timepieces has been given the personal attention needed for perfection. The low volume of production gives every timepiece a personal character and a feeling exclusivity.


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Shipping Info

Shipping and insurance are included in the price of our watches, we ship worldwide.

All orders shipped are handled by DHL with free e-mail tracking notification.

All orders received on a business day are usually processed and shipped within 1-5 days. Some items may not be in stock and will have to be assembled or ordered. Once received, they will be shipped. If the item is out of stock or back-ordered, you will be notified via E-Mail.

Please add 5-7 working days for shipping of straps that are *CITES-listed species like alligator and some reptile straps. 

We are not responsible for delays due to Customs. Please be prepared to pay local duties and taxes on your items, it is your responsibility to find out the rules and regulations for your country. We prepare Customs form with accurate information. If your package is unclaimed by you and returned to us by your Customs Office, any fees incurred will be deducted from the amount of your refund.

*CITES Certification and Requirements for Alligator Straps

All Alligator straps manufactured by JS Watch co. Reykjavik are made from farm bred American Louisiana Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis). The Convention on International Trade on Endangered Species (CITES) needs to be fully complied when trading with any part of the crocodile.

CITES permits on skins demonstrate that the skins are from farm bred animals and not illegally poached. Under CITES regulations all alligator skins must have details of country of origin, year of skinning and an individual number. This is necessary for the protection of wild crocodile populations.

The American Alligator population is not endangered or threatened and is only listed under CITES due to “similarity of appearance” (look-a-like provisions that comply with all tagging, permitting and other international trade controls).

CITES permits are needed for all Alligator straps, and different import/ export rules may vary from one country to another.

Please check with your customs for all import requirements, you may need before you decide to import an alligator strap to your country.

Both the seller and the purchaser need to comply with CITES requirements and certification regulations in their country.

For more information on CITES please visit: